Audi 4000 Turbo quattro Conversion

Last updated:  5/10/2010
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This car was Sold in March 2008. It has gone to a good home in upper NJ. He gave it a very nice satin black paint job. Some day I will manage to put some pictures up..


Start of Original Web Site:
I am creating this web page for several reasons.  First to improve my web authoring skills.  Second to keep distant friends and family up to date on the project.  Third to maybe give some helpful information for others considering undergoing the same or similar projects.  This first page gives some background on why I would go to the trouble, why I don't just buy a new car like everyone else.  I will add pages as I get further along in the project.  I will also update my costs incurred on the Total Bill page.  I welcome any comments or questions any reader has on this project.

Below are two of our four cars.  The fashionable suburban was my primary transportation during this conversion project.  Usually it gets used only on weekends or towing. I had to fix the A/C before starting all this.  You may notice in the picture the change in lights.  These Euro lights made a huge difference and I strongly recommend them.  I got mine on  I may add a page on these in the future.  The suburban actually also has E-code lights.  This picture is actually from before the swap, but from the outside the car looks almost no different now.

As you all know every project has to start somewhere.  I bought my first Audi in the summer of 2000.  My Rabbit GTI had gotten a little loud and obnoxious for daily driving and I have always liked the look of the 4000.  My search took some time as I wanted a loaded car, but no leather.  I found one in NC that needed some work.  The brakes were rather scary especially for such a mountainous area.  So a friend and I trailered it home.  I replaced the shocks, brakes, a wheel bearing, strut bearings, and control arm bushings.  As I let the car off the jack I quickly realized it was in neutral and the brake was not set.  Let me tell you that car rolls well and is very heavy compared to a rabbit.  It pretty much dragged me down the driveway until about 8 ft later our Suburban's front bumper stopped it.  Always a great way to finish a project.  Therefore much to my dismay I also replaced the rear light bar.

Since the first maintenance I have needed a new water pump, muffler and new lifters.  Other than that it has just been oil changes.  I have band aided the odometer 3 times and it is currently broken.  My estimate of the mileage is somewhere in the low 200k range.  The car has been amazingly reliable.

Those of you know and love Audi 4000 cars will likely understand my desire for some more power.  I regularly rent cars when traveling on business.  Everything I get regardless of how cheap a car accelerates faster than the 4000.  However even the very nice ones don't handle as well.  I have several times been traveling down a highway on ramp and wondered who was squealing their tires.  It was of course me, but I was traveling at a speed well under what the 4000 could manage.

In southwest VA we don't get all that much snow, but the 4000 has always impressed us.  Even when our 4x4 Suburban with limited slip is spinning up the driveway the Audi with its differentials locked goes right out without any spinning.

As you can see I am very fond of my car, but desire a little more get up and go.  I have investigated several options for more power over the last year or so.  My first was a 3.6 V8 out of a 90 V8 quattro.  I shelved this idea.  I have recently met someone in California who has done it.  It looks like a very nice swap and he seems to be having a lot of fun with it.  My next was a G60.  The shorter lighter motor would have helped the handling of the car and allowed massive space for radiators and intercoolers.  I dropped this due to lack of an affordable donor motor.  One specialty junk yard in CA I called wanted $1900 for a motor and charger!  I hope no one is biting on those prices.  I was also worried about longevity of the supercharger as I planned to run rather extreme boost.  With all that considered I fell back to the proven favorite, the Audi 5 cylinder turbo.

Note: I did not realize it at the start of my project, but there are dramatic differences between the different 10v turbo motors.  I had originally just thought water cooled turbo vs. non-water cooled.  I may add a section on this at some point, but make sure you read up on it like I didn't before you start.