Audi 4000 Turbo quattro Conversion

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The Project


Total Bill

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Special Tools
Here is list of costs incurred as of the update date.  (Not really.  I have been bad about keeping this up to date). They include shipping unless otherwise listed.  I have not kept up with this page very well.  The list of expenses is much longer than this. As I compile all the costs I will try to find a good way to present it.  As with most projects this one experienced project creep.  I ended up doing more than I had originally planned and therefore spent more money than would be required just to do a swap.  I will try and find a way to keep those costs separate when I finally update this page.

Audi 4000 quattro car (not included in project cost) --
Donor motor and parts
Shipping of said motor and parts (550 lbs)
Extra cylinder head since first was badly warped $125
Coolant after-run pump (not with donor motor)
Engine rebuild parts so far (rings, bearings, gaskets, seals, timing belt)
3" Exhaust system parts (see Exhaust page for detailed breakdown)

Running Total $1251