Audi 4000 Turbo quattro Conversion

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The Intro

The Project


Total Bill

Engine Specs

Special Tools

Here is a list of resources I have used before and during this project:

Audi Fans - Loads of information as well as a very good classified section.  This is where I found my donor engine.

Pat Martin's 4000q MC Conversion - Informative and amusing..

Robert Bentley Factory Repair Manuals - The best manual I have ever used.

Road Dyno- Great way to test and tune.

AudiWorld - Good compilation of historical model information.  Good to figure out what engines came in which cars.

Summit Racing - Mostly American Iron go fast parts, but plenty of universal stuff for the rest of us.

MegaSquirt - Open source, do it yourself programmable fuel injection system.

MegaSquirt Forum - Like it sounds.

RS Autosport - Wiring accessories and MegaSquirt hardware. - Forum loaded with swap and EFI information.