Audi 4000 Turbo quattro Conversion

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I waited as long as I could before actually taking the car off the road.  Despite this total project taking a rather long time I want to minimize the time the car is off the road.  Most of you familiar with this type of conversion will recognize the surgery that had to occur to the front of the car to ease engine removal.  I removed the engine with the down pipe attached so I also had to drop the sub frame.  It is rather sad that this same year VW Golf had an unboltable front radiator support, but the upscale Audi did not.  The rags hanging there are because I got tired of catching my T-shirts on the corners of cut metal.  Fortunately I never caught myself on it.

I would strongly recommend making the brackets to reattach the front grill support before cutting.  This way the holes are sure to line up when the time comes.  Plus by the time I was ready to put it on the last thing I wanted to mess with was little brackets.

Full engine compartment and empty engine compartment.

Other than the gaping hole in the front there is not all that much special to say about the removal.  It all has to come out anyway so I just pulled and pulled.  You can see the power steering set up on top of the drivers strut tower to keep it out of the way.  I also had the A/C discharged since I knew I would be changing that around.