Audi 4000 Turbo quattro Conversion

The Intro

The Project


Total Bill

Engine Specs

Special Tools
Here is list of special tools and the task they are needed for.  I have also included an estimated cost.  Not everyone will want to rebuild the engine so I have broken this out separately.  Some of these tools can be borrowed for free from some chain parts stores.

This list will grow as time goes on.

Engine Swap

Engine hoist (probably not required, but very nice to have)

Engine Rebuilding

Engine stand (not absolutely required if not rebuilding, but nice to have) $35+
12-point triple square wrench for head bolts (set of 4 from AutoZone)
26 mm socket (for crank bolt, will need this if you want to change the timing belt also)
Valve spring compressor (might want to farm this out.  Mine was expensive.  There are cheaper alternatives out there.)
Ring compressor (for reinstalling pistons - I borrowed)

Deglazing hone for prepping cylinder walls (I borrowed)

Ring grinder - may not need
Die Grinder (if you decide to port)
Rotary files for die grinder (I borrowed some)

Exhaust System

Saws-all (or hack saw if you want strong arms) - borrowed

TIG Welder - borrowed

General Fabrication
Welder of some sort - borrowed
Right angle grinder (helps to have two, one for a cut-off wheel and one for a grinding wheel) $25+