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In response to: Tomato, Feta, and Artichoke Heart Pasta

Natalie [Visitor]
This is THE DISH that reminds me of college. Alas, my husband who likes everything does not care for artichokes. He's going to be out of town for a few days next month, I see this pasta dish in my future. I hope by eating it, I'm not magically transported to the past, cutting all of my hair off, gaining 15 pounds, and start studying like a wild banshee.
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In response to: Mission: Play Doh Cookies

robin [Member]
Are you asking if you have to use almond extract?

No, and I didn't (I can't stand the stuff). Note my recipe, listed second, which uses vanilla instead.
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In response to: Mission: Play Doh Cookies

Erinn [Visitor]
Is there anything u can do do substatute the almond extract...???
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In response to: Crescent Rolls

robin [Member]
No idea! I can't imagine why it wouldn't, and you're right, it's certainly not enough.

I've never done that much in the bread machine, though. I'd definitely bust out the Kitchen Aid.

Try it and report back!
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In response to: Crescent Rolls

Trina [Visitor]
Does this double well, do you know? 16 hardly seems like enough.. ;)
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In response to: Stovetop Mac & Cheese

Elisa Shifflett [Visitor]
Trying this tonight. So easy :) Thanks!
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In response to: Giant chocolate-toffee cookies

Renee [Visitor]
As I said to Robin, these cookies should be re-named "crack cookies". You really can't just eat one! They are so addicting and I loved that they were chewy like a brownie...even good the next day
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In response to: Giant Espresso Chcolate Chip Cookie

donna [Visitor]

Thank you!
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In response to: Buffalo Wings

Elisa Shifflett [Visitor]
I think I'm going to make these tonight! I got some of that Frank's hot sauce for 19 cents today at Krogers after coupon :)

Your carrot and parsnips sound wonderful, too. Yum!
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In response to: Award Winner's Chocolate Pecan Pie

Tina [Visitor]
Ok, I think I need to spend a weekend baking with you. I such at fluted edges of a pie crust. Yours looks soooo perfect!
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In response to: Banana Bread

Medha [Visitor]
I made this tonight and everyone loved it! I made a miniloaf and mini muffins. Yummy!
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In response to: Coffee Snaps

robin [Member]
I get it at local store, so no personal experience.

KAF carries it, but I haven't used theirs:

This is the kind I get:
I've never tried any other brands, though, so take that with a grain of salt. :)
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In response to: Coffee Snaps

Those look great. Do you have a source for espresso powder? I haven't been able to find any locally. Thanks!
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In response to: Sticky Buns w/ Pecans

Elisa Shifflett [Visitor]
I'm going to attempt these for Christmas morning. Wish me luck. I saw them when you made them for the new member brunch and they looked delicious. Unfortunately, I was already full and didn't try one but they looked delicious.

By the way, my father-in-law loved the baklava you made for the exchange.

Your Christmas picture looks great on your first page!
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In response to: Apple Pie Hubbub with Cinnamon Streusel Topping

robin [Member]
Flattery will get you everywhere!
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In response to: Apple Pie Hubbub with Cinnamon Streusel Topping

Elisa [Visitor]
I don't know what you did, but it was beautiful and perfect. LOL
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In response to: Mission: Play Doh Cookies

Manda [Visitor]
We tried this about a month ago and had so much fun with it! Thanks for sharing.
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In response to: Lemon Scones

robin [Member]
Pat the dough into a rectangle and just cut them out. Or pat into a circle and cut them out that way. They're prettier as triangles, but tastier as "drop scones" (like "drop cookies", but different!) because it keeps you from overworking the dough.
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In response to: Lemon Scones

Elisa [Visitor]
Ok, so I just found the scones recipe. How did you make them into those cute little triangles for the brunch thing? I want to try them. My neighbor across the street used to make scones.
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In response to: Sugar Cookies

Elisa [Visitor]
Those were good! I forgot to tell you. I don't even like sugar cookies usually. Well, they are my least favorite put it that way. I'm not one to dismiss any cookie too quickly. Emma liked them, too! Now I want to know how you make those yummy scones! Deeeeeeeeelish!
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